Spark Minda Technical Centre – SMIT

Spark Minda Technical Centre is the Advanced Engineering Centre of Electronics & Mechatronics of Spark Minda. The vision behind SMIT is to evolve as a full-fledged advance technology provider that enables the existing businesses to Innovate Futuristic Technologies in Automotive Sub-Systems.


  • Enabling & Increasing advanced engineering/technologies of existing businesses of Spark Minda and support ‘Electronification’
  • Expanding Spark Minda footprints in automotive systems area other than Legacy Products (Electrification, Connected cars, ADAS etc)
  • Venturing into automotive mechatronics engineering and opportunities
  • Developing into a Centre with highly competent people & technology in the area of electronic hardware, software and sub systems in automotive industry
  • Establishing EMC testing, HIL testing, Proto shop & Reliability engineering to increase the quality and efficiency of the R&D

SMIT serves as the backbone of R&D for Spark Minda with Contemporary Infrastructure for Automotive Electronics and Mechatronics.

The Centre Supports:

  • Skilled manpower with sound exposure and impressive track record in the field of Automotive Electronics
  • Expert support to all Group companies, for enhancing value proposition for existing customers
  • Spearheading Technology Roadmap based on up-coming technologies viz. Connected Car, ADAS, AMT, ABS, EV/HEV Sub Systems etc
  • State of Art Technical Centre for entire Spark Minda with Contemporary infrastructure, for research and development in the field of Automotive Electronics and Mechatronics


  • State of Art work environment with well-designed office interiors in Chakan, Pune
  • Full-fledged semi anechoic EMI/EMC test laboratory for automotive component level testing
  • Advanced Software testing environment to enable the software product quality (HIL: Hardware in Loop testing)
  • Test and Measurement laboratory for Hardware, Software testing including the endurance tests
  • Fully Loaded Application life Cyle (ALM) management tools and environment to ensure the process compliance

In a nutshell, SMIT is gearing up to enable and support the Spark Minda towards the Future


In a short span of Six Months, SMIT team has already filed two Patents viz.

  • Automotive Fuse Failure Indicator Unit (Inventor Name: Vishwas Vaidya and Ritwik Guha,– MSAI)
    (Patent Ref. No. / Application No. : 201611027506) – A novel to terminal low cost circuit which indicates fuse failure & yet withstands harsh automotive transients
  • Apparatus and Method for Protecting ECU (Electronic Control Unit) against Short Circuit (Inventor Name: Vishwas Vaidya, & Others)
    (Patent Ref. No. / Application No: 201721000476) – A novel low cost smart switch circuit for driving all automotive loads and this concept used a revolutionary technique which saves CPU pins in such applications
  • Low Drop-out Regulator with Controlled Shutoff and Self wake-up (Inventor Name: Vishwas Vaidya, and Suresh D., SMIT)
    (Patent Ref. No. / Application No: 201711038422) – The invention relates to Low Dropout Regulator system having power saving feature and automatic wake up feature.
  • System and Method for Providing Range Estimation alert in Automobiles (Inventor Name: Vishwas Vaidya, and Hemanth Kumaraswamy, SMIT)
    (Patent Ref. No. / Application No: 201811002266) – This invention relates to system and method for monitoring, in real time, tire pressure of a vehicle tire and providing alert to driver for range reduction.
  • Device, an Electronic Control Unit and Method For Facilitating Secure Keyless Access Of A Vehicle (Inventor Name: Irashad Mohamad, Vinay Pawar, Suresh D., SMIT)
    (Patent Ref. No. / Application No: 201721042645) – This invention is related in general, to security of a vehicle and more particularly, but not exclusively, to a device, an electronic control unit, and a method for facilitating secure keyless access of the vehicle.
  • Tamperproof Helmet for Two Wheelers (Inventor Name: Hemanth Kumaraswamy, Vinay Pawar, Suresh D., SMIT)
    (Patent Ref. No. / Application No: 201721041184) – This invention provides a tamperproof protective helmet for two-wheeler riders along with a system and method for implementing the tamperproof helmet.
  • System and Methos for Sensing and Monitoring Parameters for Automobiles (Inventor Name: Hemanth Kumaraswamy, Vinay Pawar, Suresh D., SMIT)
    (Patent Ref. No. / Application No: 201721030350) – This invention deals with perpetual sensing and monitoring of front and rear parking space, tire pressure, temperature, speed and acceleration, of the vehicle that is travelling at a random speed and alerts the driver via an alarm at a mobile device of the driver, when any of the above monitored parameters exceeds their threshold level.
  • Smart electronic Steering Column Locking system (Inventor Name: Nagnath dhale, Vinay Pawar, Suresh D., SMIT)
    (Patent Ref. No. / Application No: 201721044873) – This invention provides a self-intelligent electronic steering column locking (ESCL) and a method for implementing the self-intelligent ESCL
  • System and Method for Providing Secure Remote Operations in Automobile (Inventor Name: Krishna Murthy Vaidyanathan, EI-Labs, Vishwas Vaidya, Vinay Pawar, Suresh D., SMIT)
    (Patent Ref. No. / Application No: 201711079746) – This invention dual level authentication techniques to provide remote operations in an automobile using a handheld device.
  • An Electric Glove-box Control System and Method Thereof (Inventor Name: Anuj Kaushal, Minda KTSN, Vishwas Vaidya, Sameer Pitre, SMIT)
    (Patent Ref. No. / Application No: 201811002266) – This invention is related in general, to an electric glove-box control system, and more particularly, to the electric glove-box control system with overload management.

Spark Minda Technical Centre – SMIT

E-5/2, Chakan Industrial Area,
Phase – III, M.I.D.C, Nanekarwadi,
Tal – Khed, Alandi Fata,
District : Pune-410501,
Maharashtra, India

: +9102135661500

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