For over six decades, Spark Minda (erstwhile MINDA Group) has a major presence in Global Automotive Industry and is one of the leading manufacturers of automotive components for the OEMs. The US $645 Million Group, with a workforce of more than 17,000 is catering to the leading Passenger Vehicle, Commercial Vehicle, Motorcycle & Scooter, Off-road Vehicle & Tier 1 Manufacturers in India with presence in China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Uzbekistan and Japan. We also serve to after market segment in India through a strong dealer distributorship of about 500 dealers.

For the technological edge, we have a dedicated R&D facility and collaborations with the pioneers and leaders of the automobile industry. For assimilating the latest technologies, Spark Minda has entered into strategic alliances and technical collaborations with leading international companies and acquired businesses across the globe. This has provided Spark Minda with the cutting-edge in product design and technology to meet strict international quality standards.


The Group companies are accredited with QS 9000, ISO-14001, and TS Certification. We are one of the India's leading manufacturers of automotive components – Electronic & Mechanical Security Systems, Die Casting, Key Solutions, Telematics, ITS & IoT, Wiring Harnesses, SRC’s, Components, Instrument Clusters, Sensors, Interior Plastics that caters to all major two, three, four wheeler, commercial, off-road vehicle manufacturers in India & Overseas.

The products are well accepted worldwide, both within OEMs and the Aftermarket.

Spark Minda manufactures different lines of automobile parts that broadly fall under the following categories

  • Mechatronics

    • 2W: Ignition Switch Cum Steering Lock, Fuel Tank Cap, Latches & Cable, Tool Box, Helmet Lock, Seat Lock, Electronics-VLDU, Antenna, Immobilizer, Magnetic Modules, E- Bike Controllers.
    • 4W: Electronic & Mechanical Security Systems, Immobilizers, Latches, Striker, Door Handles, Electronic Body Controllers, Start Systems, Power Closure Systems, Fuel Lid Actuator, RCDL, ESCL, iRIS (PEPS), Hood, Tail Gate, Seat Latch, Hinges, LED Soft Touch, Camera Modules.
    • Starters & Alternator.
    • Die Casting Parts – Aluminum and Zinc (Hot Chamber, HPDC, GDC & LPDC) – Compressor Housing, Upper Bracket, Handle Holder, Tandem Master Cylinder, Caliper Body, Master Cylinder, Handle mounting bracket, Chain tensioner, Head cover, Starter cover.
    • Key Solutions (Mechanical & Electronics)
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    Information and Connected System

    • Instrument Cluster, Mirror Replacement System, RadarEye System, Electronic Logging Device, Turbo Waste Actuators, Front Axle Disconnect, Shift by Wire Dashboard Assemblies, Digital Clocks, Tank Units & Gauges, Chime Bells & Relays.
    • Sensors – Speed, Temperature, Position, Pressure, WIF, EGT & EGRT, Soot
    • Wiring Harness, Connecter & Terminals, Relay & Junction Box, Steering Roll Connecto
    • Telematics, ITS, IoT
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    Plastics & Interiors

    • Modules with & without Kinematics – Glove Boxes, Dashboard IP Parts (Steering Column Shrouds, Defrost channels etc.), Air vents / Louvers, Storage boxes, Ash Tray, Arm Rests, Cup Holder, Window Frames, 5th Door, ABCD Trims, Back panel seats, Seating parts, Instrument Panel Hoods, Centframes.
    • Crash relevant structural & Strengthening Parts
    • Parts for Engine Compartments – Truck Oil Housing / Oil Pans, Cylinder Head Covers, Quick connectors, Noise Absorbers, Battery Trays.
  • Aftermarket

    • All Group Products
    • 2W: Wheel Locks, Helmet Locks, Control Cables, CDI, Regulators, Rectifiers, Ignition Coil, Igniters, Relays, Filters
    • 4W: Gear Shift Locks, Wiper Blades, Auto Rollup, Relays Filters (Tractors)