“Abled does not mean enabled, disabled does not mean less ABLED.”

– Khang Kijarro Nguyen

It is supplementing to Accessible India Campaign (Sugamya Bharat Abhiyan), Ministry of Persons with Disabilities. It also supplements to the Sustainable Development Goals 10 and 17. To ensure sustainability to the lives of Persons with Disability through ensuring their mobility, Spark Minda Group has developed a Programme called “Saksham”.



These camps aim at providing accessibility to the persons with locomotive disability. It is our endeavour that every person in the country is empowered. Our aim is to build an all-inclusive and harmonious society. We want the people to believe that it is not the disability that counts but the abilities that they have or that they can have will matter.

The stepping stone

Venue : Indonesia.
Duration : From 4th May, 2015 to 7th June, 2015.
Project Outcome : 529 fitments to 515 divyangs.

The one at the home ground

Venue: Noida, Uttar Pradesh.
Duration : From 1st September, 2016 to 12th September, 2016.
Project Outcome : 1154 fitments to 812 divyangs.

The one with the maximum beneficiaries

Venue : Noida, Uttar Pradesh.
Duration : From 13th December, 2017 to 24th December, 2017.
Project Outcome : 2042 fitments to 1374 divyangs.

The one with the Vietnamese

Venue : Vietnam.
Duration : From 17th July, 2018 to 28th August, 2018.
Project Outcome : 533 fitments to 501 divyangs.

The one with the Indian Army

Venue : Baramulla, Uri, Jammu Kashmir.
Duration : From 16th September, 2018 till 23re September, 2018.
Project Outcome : 274 fitments to 269 divyangs.

The one aiming at Increasing the Reach

Venue : Pune, Maharashtra.
Duration : From 27th Januaray,2019 to 7th February, 2019.
Project Outcome : 1610 fitments to 1500 divyangs.

The one with the Locale

Venue : Pune, Maharashtra.
Duration : From 20th December, 2019 to 26th December, 2019.
Project Outcome : 1335 fitments to 1275 divyangs.



Established in March, 2018 at Pune, Maharashtra.

Caters to more than 10 blocks of Pune, over 4 districts of Maharashtra and is open for Divyangs across India. Services offered:
  • Manufacturing and Fitment of Accessible and Assistive Aids.
  • UDID Facilitation.
  • Skill Development Trainings in collaboration with SSCPWD, NSDC.
  • Employment Facilitation in and outside the Group.